A Guide for the Thoughtful High School Student

Your school is buzzing with the rumor: The handsome, aloof senior, with the square jaw and intense gaze, got arrested. …

Delivered at the Sunstone Symposium 2015

Sunstone is an organization that brings together traditional and non-traditional Latter-day Saints, promoting an atmosphere that values faith, intellectual and experiential integrity. This is a longer version of an address I gave at the Sunstone Symposium July 30, 2015.

Since we’re all here at…

An open letter to my Mormon bishop

Dear Bishop,

On July 2, 1964, The Civil Rights Act officially ended segregation and discrimination based on the color of our skin. …

via Educate Empower Kids

A glimpse into the conversation with my son about pornography.

If your eyes are busy but your ears are not, you can listen to the audio version of The Naked People In Your iPod on Sound Cloud.

The first time you saw them, by accident, you were too young to…

Paul Malan

I love to write and I love to think. Sometimes I do them in the right order. Father of 5.

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